Re-discover play! Nurturing playful, connected families.


Our workshops and classes deliver fresh ideas for addressing tensions, unhealthy dynamics, and kids’ ever-changing needs. Parenting is more satisfying when we learn to stay in the moment, trust ourselves, and set clear boundaries. Amazing but true: you can be authoritative and say no while also being playful!

Our parent/child classes and workshops give you opportunities to connect playfully, tips for navigating developmental stages and activities to try at home. 

Our kids camps and classes are led by skilled educators and blend playful exploration and creative activities. When you leave your child at one of our classes or camps, you know he'll be taught by skilled educators who use imaginative activities to grow his creativity, confidence, emotional self-regulation and peer collaboration. 

Our blog provides fresh ideas and shares resources from our favorite like-minded parenting experts.

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We give your child creative, connected and dynamic experiences to support her growth and development through play.

  Improv Parenting poster, all rights reserved.

Improv Parenting poster, all rights reserved.

  Kathleen Scott photography

Kathleen Scott photography



Sometimes reading about it isn't enough.

DO YOU WANT SUPPORT IN:Cultivating your playfulness and creativity? Being more present with your kids? Creating a more playful family culture? Finding ways to set boundaries without yelling or feeling out-of-control? Building deeper relationships with your kids? Finding humor and self-compassion in the long journey?