All Ages Offerings

We offer creative opportunities for your whole family to connect through play and imagination. Through engaging games and activities we have fun, laugh, and deepen our connections. Kids (even big ones) communicate through play, and adults can too. We offer classes and workshops for preschoolers + adult and elementary students + adult. 


Workshops & Classes

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Playful Storytelling

Playful, interactive stories and games that will capture the imagination of children of all ages. We’ll read, sing, move and create in supportive environment. Plus we’ll give you ideas for being playful and making up stories at home!

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Make-your-own story cubes

Develop your imagination and explore stories in a novel way! Join us to make these fun storytelling cubes that will provide you with as many stories as your imagination can dream up.

We supply the materials, you supply the inspiration! Easy to assemble and decorate, the cubes can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Each family can make up to 3 cubes to take home. After we make them we'll play with them. Drop in anytime during the workshop to make a cube! All ages but kids 6 and under must have an adult present to assist.


Family Improv

Laughing and play is good for your kids AND you. Improv offers a way to play gleefully with your kid, like a kid, and helps us all practice important skills like listening, being in the moment, accepting, communicating clearly and with confidence. And it is so much FUN.

This class is open to any family with a child-caregiver pair or trio (we wish we could accept pets but the theater is strict on that). Whether you have no improv experience (and it even scares you), or you are an experienced improvisor, this class will offer a safe space to playfully collaborate, take risks and have fun. 

Using Improv to Parent Playfully and Mindfully

Interactive, playful workshop introducing concepts from improv parenting and learning how to apply the skills at home (and in life!).

Presented at the US Play Coalition 2018 Conference. Contact us to schedule for your event.

Upcoming Events for All Ages


Sometimes reading about it isn't enough

Do you want support in:

•  Cultivating your playfulness and creativity?
•  Being more present with your kids?
•  Creating a more playful family culture?
•  Finding ways to set boundaries without yelling or feeling out-of-control?
•  Building deeper relationships with your kids?
•  Finding humor and self-compassion in the long journey?

You'll get some initial ideas and resources for your parenting challenges and can see if I'm a fit.