My daughters came home so excited about each day with details about what they did - nature walks! Magic Sticks! They love ‘Keren’s camp’.
— Kate C.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Ages: 4-6 years

A story-and-art-making camp for littles with big imaginations! Inspired by Harold’s purple crayon, we’ll spend each day playing active games, exploring a range of art materials, storytelling, puppeteering and creating imaginary adventures of every sort. We’ll finish the week with mini ‘purple crayon’ books of our very own to take home!



Age: 3-6 years. Children must be potty-trained. 

Outdoor, nature-based camp and creative projects. We balance free play, child-led and adult-led activities and follow the natural curiosity of the group — maybe one day exploring bark on trees and painting with sticks, another day talking about bugs and making some with legos. We’re all about using our imaginations, engaging our strong bodies and having fun together!


I can’t say enough wonderful things about this camp. We will do it as often as offered!
— Kelly B.

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