Family Improv Class

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The family improv class was pure a parent that sometimes just gets stuck in Perma-parent mode, remembering to laugh with my children, playing without the threat of getting made fun of in a safe, nonjudgmental space, and just being present was game changing. We couldn’t wait for class and missed it as soon as we left because Keren and Joe made it so comfortable to be joyful and appreciative of what wonders we all have within ourselves.
— K.B.

Play gleefully with your kid, like a kid, and practice skills like listening, being in the moment, accepting, communicating clearly and with confidence.

Improv Parenting’s Family Improv Class is offered at various times throughout the year as a 4-week adult-child experience.

Next 4-week session runs fall 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!

Ages 6-10 + adult (s). Cost: $100 for 2 participants, $125 for 3, $150 for 4 and $160 for 5.


Improv Club

After school enrichment classes for kids

Improv Club is offered through Minneapolis Community Education after-school programming and Minneapolis Parks and Recreation. We are currently offering classes at Barton Open Elementary and Andersen United Elementary.

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Maker Space Classes

After school enrichment classes encouraging a DIY spirit

Maker Space classes are offered through Minneapolis Community Education after-school programming. We are currently offering programs at Barton Open Elementary, Whittier Elementary and Andersen United Elementary.

Get your hands dirty - literally or figuratively - with a range of novel materials each week. We provide a tinkering space for everyone from artists to engineers at heart. Each weekly project or theme emphasizes process over product, exploration, experimentation and playfulness. Sometimes your child will come home with beautiful, experimental constructions or artwork. And sometimes your child comes home with a beautiful story of trial-and-error and teamwork!

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The world is a slightly better place for having improvisation in it than it was before. There’s something about it that says something positive about the human spirit, that a bunch of people can get together and by following a few simple traffic rules can create art and can entertain an audience and can thrill and exalt each other.
— Del Close

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