About Our Classes

Improv Parenting classes are fun, active and educational. Child + adult classes provide parents with fresh parenting fodder in a supportive, encouraging environment. Child-only classes provide kids with a safe, fun and supportive space to explore and play together. 

Adam Iverson photography

Adam Iverson photography

Little Monsters Soccer

Introduction to basic soccer skills and concepts through a playful approach to sport and group interaction. Weekly 45-minute class includes general athletic movements, exposure to basic soccer skills, free play and fun group activities. Our playful approach involves storytelling and pretend to engage and capture enthusiasm; our emphasis is on physical movements and social interaction rather than adherence to rules. This is a separating class for 3-6 year-olds.

$75 Minneapolis resident/$112 non-resident 

Benefits: gross motor: balance, flexibility, coordination, movement concepts; social & emotional: self-regulation, sharing, cooperation, turn-taking; logic & reasoning: problem solving, cause and effect, symbolic representation

Spring Classes start April 18th at Linden Hills Rec. Center (6 Tuesdays) &

April 20th at Kenwood Rec. Center (6 Thursdays)

Both spring sessions will be held inside. Registration is through Mpls. Parks and Recreation. 

A creative and fun early sports experience - a definite hit for our easily distracted three year old!
— Megan M.


Please note: We are committed to serving everyone, so we will not turn away due to inability to pay full price.

Please contact us for a request for scholarship.