Improv Classes


Learn improv to enrich communication, confidence and creativity at home – or anywhere! We specialize in all ages and families. 4 weeks.

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Improvisational theater is more than just comedy. We will laugh together as we practice teamwork, support, finding our individual voices, exploring emotion and physical presence, communicating clearly, and so much more. Join us to have fun, tap into our imaginations, and create cool stories together. We can do a show at the end for our families and friends!

Improv Club is offered through Community Education programming. Want us at your school? Email us!

Family Improv is offered at various times throughout the year. Want to know when the next one will be? Sign up for our newsletter!

The world is a slightly better place for having improvisation in it than it was before. There’s something about it that says something positive about the human spirit, that a bunch of people can get together and by following a few simple traffic rules can create art and can entertain an audience and can thrill and exalt each other.
— Del Close

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