Keren’s session excelled on every level. She led us through multiple styles of improv, got us up moving, talking, sharing, listening, laughing, thinking, improv-ing and communityiing (is that a word?).
— Jim M.

Sometimes reading about it isn't enough

Do you want support in:

•  Cultivating your playfulness and creativity?
•  Being more present with your kids?
•  Creating a more playful family culture?
•  Finding ways to set boundaries without yelling or feeling out-of-control?
•  Building deeper relationships with your kids?
•  Finding humor and self-compassion in the long journey?

The Playful Parent Coaching package includes:

  • 2 x 20 minute phone/Skype consultations. I listen, you talk, we problem-solve.
  • A copy of our Playful Parenting Rule Book. Chock full of easy-to-implement ideas and guidelines. 
  • Weekly supportive email encouraging you in your process and providing summary/reminders of our conversations
  • 25% off our in-person workshops and classes (and future online courses)