Elementary Offerings

Our elementary camps and workshops emphasize creative expression, authentic interaction, collaboration, and mindfulness. Your child will walk away with new friends, a stronger creative voice, practice speaking on her feet and slowing down to notice.



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Clown Workshop

Ages: Grades 2 and up!

Explore clowning through free play and structured games in this physical and practical workshop. Discover what it means to be joyfully ridiculous and embrace absurdity to delight. Learn to invent from a spontaneous and honest place, and explore ways to communicate and tell stories. Bring silly clothes that bring out your inner clown. Clown noses will be provided! 

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Mapping Yourself

Ages: 6-8

You are many things: student, friend, artist...and what else? Make your own book and fill it with maps about you! Maybe you contain a river of music, an island of candy, a mountain of words or an iceberg of kindness.

This class is for aspiring illustrators and wordsmiths who like filling entire pages with color and life. Each day you'll write, draw and collage maps filled with your interests, personality, relationships and life stories. By the end of the week you'll have used a printing press, explored paper arts, and made a hand-made book filled with YOU—unique autobiographical maps in words, metaphor, color and imagery.

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