Storytelling Art

Tools needed: paper, pencils/pens/crayons

What: create a story with your child, no writing or art skills needed

This winter my 3-year-old son and I created a story using paper and pens. We didn't write any words and we didn't exactly illustrate anything. Instead, our pens were the characters who hopped around the paper, doing various things like building a house and resting in it, going to find food, and playing together. We co-created a story and we made art, and it was in-the-moment, spontaneous and free-flowing. The art was mostly scribbles, but what was cool is that the scribbles had meaning, they were like footprints in the sand, showing the path of our story.

Today my son and I did something similar, but this time after we scribbled around our page a bit, we looked for shapes and characters within the scribbles. Then we colored them in, adding another layer of art and meaning to our page.  

The image on this blog post is our final creation - a story layered with strange critters. The art feels rich and connected.