Introducing...Play Spray!

Batman once used Shark Repellent to fend off an aggressive shark.

We don't have sharks in our homes but we all have shark-like behavior. We lose our cool and go into attack mode with our kids or partners. We punish instead of model and teach. It is well-documented that authoritative parenting (high expectations and warmth) rather than authoritarian (exceedingly high expectations and no warmth) is most effective in raising well-rounded, self-regulating, and confident people. 

So when we're caught in attack mode how do we down-shift and keep from losing our cool? 


For fending off aggressive, tension-filled moments. With one quick, refreshing spritz go from FIGHT to PLAY. An essential tool in your playful parenting tool kit.

When do you use PLAY SPRAY?

Perhaps it's during a homework battle. Or a stop-hitting-your-sister reminder. Shift out of anger, judgment or a win/lose framework by pulling out your PLAY SPRAY and apply to the air around you. And when sharky behavior is particularly aggressive apply directly and liberally to all parties in and around the conflict area.

How does PLAY SPRAY work?

PLAY SPRAY works through special enzymes that saturate the air and soak into the skin. These enzymes are specially formulated to momentarily freeze an aggressive behavior or thought. During the freeze special proteins called PLAYZEINS soak into the bloodstream and make their way to the Imagination Network in the brain. Once activated this part of our brain helps us see alternative viewpoints and scenarios. The PLAYZEINS prompt our brains to spontaneously create 2-10 novel ideas for resolving the tension. A funny dance. A game of horseshoes with your socks. A talking spoon. 

PLAY SPRAY is guaranteed to mix things up in just the right way.

Spray your way out of needless fights and discover co-creation and warmer, more fun paths to boundaries and rules.

Remember: We may not always be able to be fun. But we can always be playful.