Call to Action: Nurse YOUR playful self back to life

What did you love to play when you were 6? 16? What made you laugh? Bad knock knock jokes? Saturday Night Live? Being a more playful adult doesn't necessarily mean playing like a child.

But re-visiting activities and games you loved playing in childhood can help unlock that youthful enthusiasm and re-discover core elements of your playfulness.

Play researcher Jen Ryan from The Harvard School of Education Play defines play as involving choice, delight and wonder. How often are you hitting those three in your life?

The demands of parenthood mean we often don't prioritize our own choice, delight and wonder.

And yet it is well-established that play is essential to our well-being, throughout life. In order for our playful selves to emerge, we need to tell our serious selves to give it attention. 

nurse play back.jpg

So get your serious self to nurse your playful self back to life. 

Do this one thing:

With or without your child/ren sit down with a deck of cards for 10 minutes, sing a capella, throw on an episode of Gilligan's Island or just listen to the theme song. Find one small thing you love to play and do it (or even just daydream about it!). 

Reconnecting with your old playful self can re-inform how you want to move through life as a serious, but less stressed-out, adult.