We’re All Dorks. Drop the ego.

The Soul Toupee is that thing about ourselves we are most deeply embarrassed by and like to think we have cunningly concealed from the world, but which is, in fact, pitifully obvious to everybody who knows us.
— Tim Kreider

Performing improv offers a three-headed gift. 


On the one hand - er, head - performing helped me realize that EVERYONE IS SELF-CONSCIOUS and has their own weirdness (and beauty). WE'RE ALL AWKWARD AND DORKY! All of us. Some of us cover it up better or move through it better or are more comfortable accepting it. 

And on another head, performing has helped me realize that even though I'm weird and REALLY, REALLY important, most people are actually paying closer attention to themselves. Just like I am.


And finally, the third head is that any given performance is transitory. It’s only ever here and now, and then EVERYONE FORGETS. Truly. No one remembers that I tried to look like a tree and my scene partner thought I was a bush. When I look silly or weird or stupid or unattractive or un-smart (or whatever negative thing I'm afraid of on that day), it only is in my head. If it is in other people's heads, they're jerks anyway. 

Much like improv, we parents have our own baggage, weirdness and self-consciousness. But no one is watching us as closely as we watch ourselves. And we are works-in-progress. We can always do it differently next time. I promise.