New! Performances coming in 2019

I am thrilled to announce that in 2019 we'll be offering performances - we can either combine the entertainment with a maker space or offer an improvised show on its own!

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Here's how it works:

Step 1: The event begins with the audience creating art, sculptures, drawings, etc. with materials we provide.

Make characters, machines, random art, whatever inspires you. You get to take home whatever you make, though we may ask to borrow something for our show!

Step 2: After creating cool art, the show starts.

Our actors will incorporate some of YOUR art and suggestions into a completely improvised, engaging and entertaining show. 

Step 3: Then, learn some improv if you want!

After the show we invite anyone who is interested to stay after to learn a bit of improv. NO PRESSURE TO PERFORM AT ALL. We teach you some games and exercises that tap into life skills from improvisational theater and tools for at-home use. 

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What's special about Improv Parenting shows?

+ We are family-friendly. No one will judge you if you have to soothe a crying baby. And even grandpa will be entertained by our novel use of his 1940's-era suggestion. 

+ We can adapt to any space.

+ They are interactive without being intimidating. We invite your input through your creations and suggestions - but there's no pressure to participate in any way. You can just show up, make some art/play with interesting materials, watch an unique show and then leave. (Of course we hope you'll let us use that cool robot you made for our show, but no worries if your 5-year-old is too attached to let go temporarily.)

+ Each one is different. The nature of improv means that no show ever happens twice. But these shows are doubly special to the particular audience, as we incorporate physical creations and audience input into the performance.

Interested in booking us?

It's never too early to start scheduling us! We require two-week advance notice. Performances available starting January 2019.

If you have any questions, please fill out the interest form and I'll get back to you. Or email me directly keren (at)