About our Instructors

Keren Gudeman  Founder, Director & Teacher

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Whether you aspire to perform or simply want to be more comfortable in your own skin, improv is an incredible arena for practicing a range of real-life skills: authenticity, listening, non-judgment, flexibility, collaboration, balancing the playful with the serious.
— Keren Gudeman

Keren founded Improv Parenting as a way to help parents feel more grounded, confident and playful as they navigate the stresses and exhaustion of raising kids. 

While raising her first child Keren found that even with 15 years of teaching and coaching experience she often felt overwhelmed by the demands of being a mom. Then Keren took her first improv class (despite extreme stage fright). As she gained confidence in improv, she saw how it filtered into her daily life, especially her parenting. Improv forced Keren to be in the moment, accept mistakes, trust her choices and see her parenting as an arena for creativity.

Keren is on a mission to bring improv into family life - everyday life - everywhere. 

Rita Boersma  Teacher

Rita Boersma is a performer, teacher, writer and coach. She has been an improvisor for over 15 years. She is a company member at ComedySportz and performs regularly with Show X and The Mess at HUGE Theater where she also teaches, directs and coaches extensively. 

Outside of the theater community, she has over 10 years experience working in education, both one-on-one in the classroom and on a large group scale as a Program Facilitator with the nonprofit, Youth Frontiers. She is also mother to one whip-smart and terribly hilarious kid. It couldn't hurt to mention she has a truly unreasonable love of mashed potatoes.

Alex Cleberg Teacher

Alex is a father of two and plays a scary monster, old timey sportscaster, and jungle gym for his kids. He has performed, coached, or taught improv for over a decade. He is an intercultural trainer at the University of Minnesota and an improv instructor at the Brave New Workshop.

Sami Dee Teacher

Sami teaches at Temple Israel ECC and is an improvisor, performing and directing around Minneapolis.

Sarah Gioia Teacher

Sarah had a long career in local (mostly) and national (a bit) theater, directing over 80 shows as well as casting and dramaturging extensively.  She is mostly retired from all that glamour to be a full-time mama to her 6 year old son.  And to teach at Improv Parenting camps, of course!

Krystianna Johnson Teacher

A former Museum Educator at the Minnesota Children's Museum and a lab instructor and TA for Toy Product Design at the U of MN, Krystianna teaches classes and camps for Improv Parenting and is our event strategist.  

Spencer KAATZ Teacher

A current student at the University of Minnesota, Spencer has volunteered with us since the early days and is quickly becoming a favorite - and definitely the tallest - teacher among us. 

Jen Scott  Teacher

Jen Scott is a performer, teacher, playwright and sometime musician. She's taught at the Brave New Workshop Student Union since 2001, and also teaches regularly at Children’s Theatre Company, Park Square Theatre and Pillsbury House Theatre. As a performer, she's worked with HUGE Theater, Walking Shadow Theater Company, Four Humors, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and others. Jen is also the mom of two; her eldest, Oscar, is three and transforms into a sometimes nice, sometimes mean robot regularly. It just sort of depends on the day. 

Seniz Yargici-Lennes Teacher

Seniz is a mom, improvisor and Playworker with over 15 years of experience teaching, designing youth programs and managing arts integration initiatives in MN and NYC.  Seniz is the founder of Twin Cities Adventure Play, a founding member of the North American Adventure Play Association, and works with the US Play Coalition to coordinate, you guessed it, play activities for the annual conference on the value of play. Seniz is the Director of Teen Programs and performs, regularly, with HUGE Improv Theater in Minneapolis, teaches preschool in the mornings for Bright Prospects Cooperative Preschool, and sings wild harmonies in the local indy-pop band School for Girls. She enjoys coffee, travel, being upside down, playing games and exploring everything always.