Teaching & Volunteer Opportunities


We love our teachers and volunteers! We take pride in having a wonderful, warm and dynamic community of educators. We're always looking for teachers and volunteers who are:

  • passionate about creative play
  • connected and present with children
  • looking for an opportunity to teach a range of ages and in various extracurricular contexts
  • believe in experiential education
  • are open and flexible; responsible and able to set clear boundaries
  • can balance child-led with adult-led experiences

Pay is dependent on experience and enrollment in each activity. 

Interested? Click on the button below to complete our intake form and we'll be in touch soon!


do you have something to contribute to the improv parenting blog? great! 

First, consider which category your post fits into: 

Personal – Reflections on parenting; deep thoughts; self-care via mindfulness, nature, art, humor

Humor – Purely to make us smile or laugh; edgy and weird very welcome, but not gross or mean-spirited

Improv & Play - Incorporating improv or play into your life and your family life

Education - Information for my readers on a specific developmental stage or study that helps parents gain better perspective on their child

Second, email me keren [at] improvparenting [dot] com with:

Your proposed topic

A recent writing sample

A 2-3 sentence bio

Third, review the post guidelines to ensure we're on the same page (ha ha, get it?):

  • Posts should be a 300-500 words
  • Posts should be new and not posted anywhere else
  • Please do not include any affiliate links
  • Please link to relevant sources
  • I reserve the right to make any edits to your post, links, and title before final publication