Teaching & Volunteer Opportunities

We love our teachers and volunteers! We take pride in having a wonderful, warm and dynamic community of educators. We're always looking for teachers and volunteers who are:

* passionate about creative play

* connected and present with children

* looking for an opportunity to teach with a range of ages and in various extracurricular contexts

* believe in experiential education

* are open and flexible; responsible and able to set clear boundaries

* can balance child-led with adult-led experiences

Pay is dependent on experience and enrollment in each activity. 

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Now Hiring

Fall Soccer Teacher

Great opportunity to teach 3-5 year-old young athletes in a creative, nurturing community environment. 

Required experiences: Soccer playing or coaching (at any level) and teaching/working closely with preschool children. Must be able to manage a class of 10-12 preschoolers in an athletic situation and co-teach with another instructor. 

You must be available to interview and attend classes or camps prior to the start of our fall sessions in order to receive training. 

Little Monsters Soccer Classes are 5-6 weeks in length and last 45 minutes each.

We are currently looking to fill 4 different fall sessions. Please see website for locations and times.

Pay dependent on experience, ranges from 15-25. 


Little Monsters Soccer Classes are 6 weeks in length. We have the following opportunities this fall:

- Thursdays Sept 14th - Oct 19th 4-4:45 pm @ Kenwood Park

- Tuesdays Sept 19th - Oct 31st 4-4:45 pm @ Linden Hills

- Wednesdays Oct 11th - Nov 15th 10-10:45 am @ St. Louis Park Rec. Center

- Wednesdays Oct 11th - Nov 15th 5-5:45 pm @ St. Louis Park Rec. Center

Pay $20-25/class, dependent on experience.

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