Camp Re-Cap

We collected, made mud art, hugged trees and played freely. We read stories, listened to a meditation bell and moved like animals. We selected a picture of a window for our name tag, and then our friend chose a window too. We shared a sweater with a chilled friend, and we shared watermelon.

The adults had fun. I note that because I think it's a great check-in as a parent. As discussed in "On Play", when you play with your kids it's important for you to have fun too. You won't always enjoy it, of course. But it's great to be mindful of how loose and free you are feeling. When I find myself burnt out, bored or disengaged, I try to assess whether it's because of some variable like not enough caffeine or sleep, or if it's because, well, I've been playing the same game for an hour (or what feels like an hour). If it's the latter, I give myself permission to take a break or turn to a new activity. And in general I trust that if I'm having fun, my kids probably are too.

Thank you for joining us this summer. We hope your child has some lasting memories and impressions, as some of these photos capture.



Keren Gudeman

Minneapolis, Minnesota