Adult Play Workshops - NEW!

We are thrilled to announce our newest offering: Play Workshops for Parents. 

In collaboration with Twin Cities Adventure Play's wonderful Seniz Yargici Lennes we'll be offering once-a-month opportunities to play, reflect, create and play. 

Because we need it, dammit! 

We know being a parent means you don't always have - or make - time for yourself. We provide you 90 minutes every month of playful connection to yourself and others. Stepping back from your routine to play, create and reflect will help you recharge and be re-inspired. 

Each workshop may include any of the following: playing games as a group; journaling; guided art project; discussion; free play; reflection time.  


Each month addresses a different topic, see below:

Wednesday, February 8: Listening (to self and others)

Wednesday, March 8: Being Present

Wednesday, April 12: Saying Yes (more)

Wednesday, May 3: Setting boundaries

Cost: $65 for all four workshops or a drop-in rate of $25. 

Feel free to bring your own journal, or purchase one from us during the checkout process. 


Keren Gudeman

Minneapolis, Minnesota