Elementary Summer Camp Information


This summer we are excited to debut three elementary-aged camps. 

Each camp has a distinct focus (outdoor adventures, podcasting, stop-motion movies), which provides us with lens' to explore and materials to put our hands on. 

Through improv and physical games, adventures in the city and the wild, hands-on art projects and storytelling, we facilitate and emphasize skill-building in the following areas:

  • creative self-expression
  • mindfulness
  • collaboration
  • following our curiosity
  • the creative process (emphasis of process over product)
  • exploration of the natural world
  • authenticity

Our goal is to provide your child with safe, playful experiences that connect her in new ways to her environment, the arts, her peers and teachers.

Below is an example of environmental art inspired by land artist Andy Goldsworthy. Environmental art is a feature of Camp Create an Adventure. 

Camp Create an Adventure June 19-23, 9am-3pm at Kenwood Park. Ages 6-10. Register.

Pine cone intervention.jpg

Our goal is that your son comes home with eyes alight to tell you (or maybe his brother) about the rocks we skipped far into the lake or the stuffed animal we made move like a robot or the spooky sound effects we created as background to our recorded story about mutant trees.

Camp Create a Podcast will give your child an opportunity to explore sound, voice and character.

Camp Create a Podcast June 26-30, 9am-3pm at HUGE Theater. Ages 6-10. Register

Below is an example of a short stop-motion movie made using a digital camera and some everyday objects. Stop-motion movies are a wonderful way to explore narrative and novelty.

Camp Create a Stop-Motion Movie July 24-28, 9am-3pm at HUGE Theater. Ages 6-10. Register.

We are excited to explore with your child this summer!

Please email if you have any questions. 

Keren Gudeman

Minneapolis, Minnesota