Camp Create a Podcast (Ages 6-12)

June 26 - 30

A creative and active mix of activities, organized around storytelling, finding your voice and expressing yourself through written and spoken word. We will create our own podcasts or radio shows.

Little Monsters Soccer (Ages 3-6)

Tuesdays 4-4:45 starts June 13

Introduction to basic soccer skills and concepts through a playful, joyful approach to sport and group interaction. Weekly 45-minute class includes general athletic movements, exposure to basic soccer skills, free play and fun group activities.

Summer Camp Create Play Explore (Ages 3-6)

August 21 - 24 (Session II)

We balance outdoor boisterous adventures with reflective indoor time; physical activities with reading, storytelling and art projects; free play with structured activities. 

Please note: We are committed to serving everyone, and we will not turn away due to inability to pay full price. Please contact us for more information on discounts and scholarships.