Non-Judgment Workshop


1. Play. Have fun, learn new games you can try at home, learn how to use improv to be playful in your daily life. 

2. Practice. Learn some non-judging skills from improv and practice them.

3. Reflect. Reflect on judgment in your daily (family) life. How/when do you judge most? When is it useful? Less useful? 

- What is improv? What will we do tonight? Assuage fears about performing...this is all about playing lots of games and reflecting as we go.

Warm-up: (15 mins.)


Description: Everyone starts with arm raised. One person starts by pointing to person across the circle, says something within the topic (first one is names, so say their name or whatever you think their name is). Once you've gone, you drop your arm. Continue until everyone's arm is down and repeat pattern until you can do it with little body language. Start new category, establishing a new pattern. If group can handle it (and is large enough), add two or three more categories and have more than one going at once. 

Categories: Names, childhood toy, funny word, cereal

Objectives: Attuning to each other, listening, focusing.

Bunny bunny  ("Mommy Mommy") (10 mins.)

Description: Classic improv warm-up for silly fun. Establish a rhythm as a group by clapping hands on thighs then clapping (1-2-1-2-1-2). Don't start too fast! Once group gets rhythm going, one person will pass the words and gestures to another person. Gesture is hugging motion (or tugging on shirt, or anything fun/funny), words are mommy mommy. When you 'have' the gesture and words, you repeat for 4 beats. First two beats you 'receive', second two beats you pass by eye contact or gesturing toward next person. Once the group gets the feel for it, can later on other words and gestures. 2nd layer is for the group of people who are clapping to also say 'ma ma' in time with their beat. 3rd layer is for the people immediately to the right and left of the "mommy mommy" person to turn toward them and

Ma, ma = um bah; mommy mommy = bunny bunny; okie dokie = toki toki.

Objectives: Silly, loosening up as group, having a laugh. Celebrating mistakes. 

Why play? Play in everyday…examples from your life?

5 things a toddler/parent/nanny would… (8 mins.)

“(Name), 5 things…Aahhhh____1!, 2!” clap.

Objectives: spontaneity, support

- why non-judgment important? scripts, habits, beliefs (e.g. tantrum at market).  Nonjudgment is a practice. listen/see first. then yes and. (Accept and respond). Nonjudgment thru universality of experience…


Rumors, parent/kid edition

“Didja hear about the parent who….Yes I heard about the, and”(group gasp, giggle)

Listening, accepting, supporting, exaggerate judging

10 min


Please write 2 everyday kid happenings (one neutral, one w. emotion)

Eye contact

playful, bring group back into space, present. 

3 mins.

Family problems. grps of 2-3, mini-scenes. kids act, parent responds with observe, yes, and. quick 30 second scenes. -personification. object play, role reversal

Younger kids.

Observing first, non-judging, flexibility, playfulness

15 mins.

Shatner stories/advice panel

(3-4 people at a time)

Older kids.

Universality of experience, playful response

15 mins.



give out handouts and cards!

10 min.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”.