It feels wonderful knowing my children are having a great time in an active, educational and very caring environment.
— Sarah P.
The Not Fighting Workshop gave my husband and myself an opportunity to learn new parenting tools and step out of our comfort zones. The best part was our son learned the same tools and we all applied them together during the workshop, this made using them at home a lot easier. The techniques stuck with us and have helped to lighten the mood during usually stressful times!
— Wendy S.
Thank you for reminding me of the power of play and for giving me the chance to connect with new people in a fun way.
— Andrea M.
I have dedicated my professional career to the field of Early Childhood. As a parent and consumer, I come armed with knowledge about brain research and best practices that support children’s optimal development. Camp Create Play Explore exemplifies the experiences I want for my child; to learn through her senses, to play what she knows and to be supported to develop deeper relationships with herself and others.
— Jamie B.
I can’t wait to sign up for more! The reviews from my kids were off the charts.
— Lisa F.


The “yes and” mantra can guide moms and dads in the throes of parenting — and also children and teens learning how to navigate the world. (Star Tribune 2018)


“I wanted to know how people think about being a parent and shaping family culture,” says Gudeman, who has a master’s degree in psychology and nearly 15 years of experience as an educator and athletic instructor. She did plenty of research, but it wasn’t until her friend Jen Scott, an actor and improv instructor, persuaded her to take an improv class at the Brave New Workshop that Gudeman was able to translate her insights in to action. (City South Magazine 2017)


“For a lot of our day-to-day interactions, we’re negotiating,” she said. “What’s a way you can make it more playful, and not necessarily about my agenda?” (Southwest Journal 2016)