It feels wonderful knowing my children are having a great time in an active, educational and very caring environment.
— Sarah P.
Thank you for doing this!! And for creating a safe place to be a kid. I can’t wait to sign up for more! The reviews from my kids were off the charts.
— Lisa F.
This camp developed different listening skills and creative expression through nature. My 3 year old loved it!
— Kelcie H.
Thank you for reminding me of the power of play and for giving me the chance to connect with new people in a fun way.
— Andrea M.
I love Keren’s camp, it is a nature camp! My favorite part is the breathing ball at the end of the day.
— Willa, 5-year-old
The (Adult) Play Workshops were new and different every time, and they helped me to challenge my social anxiety. I found new ways to connect and play with my kids, and the best part was I left every time with sore cheeks from smiling so much
— Wendy S.
I have dedicated my professional career to the field of Early Childhood. As a parent and consumer, I come armed with knowledge about brain research and best practices that support children’s optimal development. Camp Create Play Explore exemplifies the experiences I want for my child; to learn through her senses, to play what she knows and to be supported to develop deeper relationships with herself and others.
— Jamie B.
I need to wake up the moments I have with my daughter, even if we are just standing around in the kitchen negotiating about what to eat for lunch. This class gives me playful ways to harness these moments.
— Alex C.
The Not Fighting Workshop gave my husband and myself an opportunity to learn new parenting tools and step out of our comfort zones. The best part was our son learned the same tools and we all applied them together during the workshop, this made using them at home a lot easier. The techniques stuck with us and have helped to lighten the mood during usually stressful times!
— Wendy S.
This camp exhausts my kid in the best way.
— Katy
Improv parenting is super fun for adults and kids. I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve been to.
— Melinda D.