What is a Maker Space?


Maker Spaces

Participant-directed and collaborative, the maker movement is about innovation, exploration and expression through hands-on experiences.

Why a maker space?

The maker movement supports growth of essential skills for lifelong learning and participating in the creative economy by:

  • Embracing the creator identity

  • Fostering interaction among creators.

  • Insisting on fluidity

  • Understanding the effectiveness of novel play

The maker space is also an avenue for personal and interpersonal growth and development by offering opportunities to navigate complexity, take creative risks, be innovative and iterative, share resources, and to collaborate on ideas and projects.


D starts out saying,

“I don’t know how to do that!” and looks lost. Then he looks around and seeing his peers busy, he digs into the materials. By the end of class D says, “Look what I made! A swing!” and proudly shows his classmates. #confidence #problem-solving #innovation

Why us?

Our pop-up maker spaces provide opportunities for all ages, self-directed creative exploration at various locations throughout the Twin Cities. We use new or recycled materials that are accessible and easy to find, so your experience in our makerspace can spark a maker mindset in the rest of your life. Our teaching artists are trained to encourage the maker mindset; maintain a safe, supportive environment for all ages; and teach skills and concepts from improvisational theater and visual arts.

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