Playlabs are interactive and educational adult-child experiences that teach improv for better communication, less stress and more fun and creativity.

From $200/hour
-includes 2 teaching artists & take-home flyer with games
-additional options and customization available

Adult + Child age 5+

45-90 minutes


Learn improvisational theater skills in a supportive, playful environment and discover how you can use your new skills at home! Play games with us and practice skills like listening, being in the moment, accepting, communicating clearly and with confidence.

Playlab Includes:

2 Teaching Artists + games, props & delight + new take-home stories and games

Additional and customizable options:
+ We can adapt content for different age ranges.

+ Playlabs can be held almost anywhere there is enough room to move our bodies and focus on each other.

Corporate / Large Event Rate:

Keren reminded us all that, through improv, we can unlock our adult playfulness. Not to make us experts, but to make us better adults. Thank you Keren for that excellent session.
— Jim M.
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Pop-Up Maker Spaces

Drop-in experiences that allow all ages to create and explore together. We provide the materials for hands-on creativity, emphasizing a DIY spirit, exploration, and the creative process. Accessible to amateurs and experts at every age.

Choose from:

Make-Your-Own Story Cubes


From $275/workshop
-includes 2 teaching artists & materials
-additional options and customization available

All Ages

1-3 hours


We bring the materials and inspiration; you bring your family and creative juices. Our teaching artists create a space for trial-and-error, being playful with the materials, and making creative messes. Best part is, you don’t have to do the clean up (unless that’s a lesson you want to reinforce with your child).

Maker Space Includes:

2 Teaching Artists + making materials for up to 50 participants

Additional and customizable options:
+ Have an idea or theme you’d like to try? Let us know!

+ Maker Spaces can be held almost anywhere!

Corporate / Large Event Rate:

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