The girls were very excited to share about their day. I appreciated the organization and communication which were both excellent.
— Megan D.


Ages: Adult

Interactive workshop introducing concepts from improv parenting and teaching how to use the skills at home (and in life!).

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Playful Storytelling

Ages: All

Playful, interactive stories and games that will capture the imagination of children of all ages. We’ll read, sing, move and create in supportive environment. Plus we’ll give you ideas for being playful and making up stories at home!

Make-Your-Own Story Cubes

Ages: All

Develop your imagination and explore stories in a novel way! Join us to make these fun storytelling cubes that will provide you with as many stories as your imagination can dream up.

Clown Workshop

Ages: Grades 2 and up!

Explore clowning through free play and structured games in this physical and practical workshop. Discover what it means to be joyfully ridiculous and embrace absurdity to delight. Learn to invent from a spontaneous and honest place, and explore ways to communicate and tell stories.

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