Love Keren’s real-life, put-into-action today, AND find joy in the process parenting techniques.
— Amber M.

Family Improv

Age: 8-12 + Adult(s)

Laughing and play is good for your kids AND you. Improv offers a way to play gleefully with your kid, like a kid, and helps us all practice important skills like listening, being in the moment, accepting, communicating clearly and with confidence. And it is so much FUN.

This class is open to any family with a child-caregiver pair or trio (we wish we could accept pets but the theater is strict on that). Whether you have no improv experience (and it even scares you), or you are an experienced improvisor, this class will offer a safe space to playfully collaborate, take risks and have fun. 



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Little Monsters Soccer

Age: 3-5 years

Introduction to basic soccer skills and concepts through a playful approach to sport and group interaction. Weekly 45-minute class includes general athletic movements, exposure to basic soccer skills, free play and fun group activities.

Our playful approach involves storytelling and pretend to engage and capture enthusiasm while we emphasize physical movements and social interaction rather than adherence to rules. Our goal is for your child to love participating in an early sport experience. 


Mapping Yourself

Ages: 6-8 years

You are many things: student, friend, artist...and what else? Make your own book and fill it with maps about you! Maybe you contain a river of music, an island of candy, a mountain of words or an iceberg of kindness.

This class is for aspiring illustrators and wordsmiths who like filling entire pages with color and life. Each day you'll write, draw and collage maps filled with your interests, personality, relationships and life stories. By the end of the week you'll have used a printing press, explored paper arts, and made a hand-made book filled with YOU—unique autobiographical maps in words, metaphor, color and imagery.

This class helped me learn new ideas for communicating with my toddler and keeping our household fun!
— Jess S.

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