Love Keren’s real-life, put-into-action today, AND find joy in the process parenting techniques.
— Amber M.

Learn improv to enrich communication, confidence and creativity at home – or anywhere! We specialize in all ages and families. 4 weeks.



Age: 8-12 + Adult(s)

Play gleefully with your kid, like a kid, and practice skills like listening, being in the moment, accepting, communicating clearly and with confidence.

This class is open to any family with a child-caregiver pair or trio (we wish we could accept pets but the theater is strict on that). Whether you have no improv experience (and it even scares you), or you are an experienced improvisor, this class will offer a safe space to playfully collaborate, take risks and have fun. No pressure to perform or be funny! 

If you need convincing:

An excellent way to bond with your elementary/middle school child and learn together. You don’t have to be in charge!

If your child needs convincing:

Tell her she’ll get to boss you around sometimes. Tell him he’ll get to see you make strange faces and be a bit awkward (in that helpful, humble way).

Saturdays 10:30-12 at HUGE Theater. Starts October 6th. 4 weeks.

Cost: $100 for 2 participants, $125 for 3, $150 for 4.


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